Grantham Capital invests in U.S.-based small businesses

Grantham Capital has significant flexibility in the structure and type of capital provided but critical to each investment is the meaningful alignment of economic interests with management teams. The form of alignment often comes in the form of significant management co-investment or rollover equity in combination with meaningful equity incentive plans. Our equity investment structures vary between control and minority equity and are structured to maintain this strong alignment and incentive structure.

Grantham Capital is currently seeking investment opportunities with the following criteria

  • Healthcare Products and Services
  • Power and Resource Infrastructure
  • Logistics, Distribution and Transportation
  • Light Manufacturing and Business Services
SIZE $1 - $10 million of EBITDA; $10 - $100 million in revenues
  • Control and minority equity
  • Senior and subordinated debt combined with equity
  • Significant management equity investment
  • Flexible holding periods
  • Ownership transition or liquidity
  • Management buyout
  • Growth equity
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Proven, profitable and sustainable business model
  • Strong niche market position and favorable industry dynamics
  • Sustainable competitive advantage with high barriers to entry and intellectual property
  • Experienced management team with aligned incentives
  • Opportunities for value creation through accelerated organic growth, acquisitions or operational improvements
GEOGRAPHY North America